Dental Care

Srikandi Dental Care is a modern and reliable dental clinic for general dentistry in Bali. A experienced team of dental professionals performs as array of services using the latest technology.

Dental Treatments and Service available:

Preventive treatments:

Oral examination, teeth cleaning (deep cleaning, scaling and polishing), sealants, composite filling, root canal therapy, extraction and night guards

Dental SPA (cleaning, air flow, polishing)

Simple dental maintenance should be done regularly to remove plague, calculus and stains on teeth and to maintain oral hygiene

Dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry:

Laser teeth whitening, home bleaching kits, inlay, onlay, crowns, bridges, dentures and porcelain veneers improve the function as well as the appearance of your teeth. Bite problems and misaligned teeth are treated with braces

Dental Implants:

Replacement of missing teeth using artificial tooth roots, offering state of the art techniques and materials.

Root canal treatment:

Severe inflammation and infection can have a variety causes, such as deep decay and repeated dental procedures, often requiring root canal treatment

Porcelain Veneer:

Porcelain veneers are a very successful option in situations where the original tooth has developed poor color, shape or is otherwise broken or damaged Photo

Full-mouth Rehabilitation:

A rehabilitation plan will be developed that includes a range of dental treatments for multiple problems needed when the teeth are damaged or missing


A range of traditional brace treatments to correct teeth and jaw alignment resulting in a more pleasing appearance and healthier looking teeth that will last a lifetime


The latest technique in teeth and jaw alignment providing transparent bracing that is invisible to the eye. Ideal for those who conscious of the appearance of traditional braces

Teeth Whitening:

Whitening products contain safe tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), to remove stains and restore teeth to their natural white

Aesthetic Filling:

Restoration of lost dental tissue to maintain your natural smile, performed when teeth are carious, fractured, worn down and in some case can fill up gaps between teeth and minor miss positioning.