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As an alternative to printing a document to a printer, you can save a PostScript-language description of the document as a. PS file for printing on remote printers—for example, by a prepress service provider.

A service provider can send a. PS file directly to the imagesetter. The size of a PostScript file is usually larger than the original InDesign document, because the graphics and fonts are embedded. You can also export a document page or spread to an EPS Encapsulated PostScript file and place it in other applications. You can save your InDesign document or book in any of three types of PostScript files: device-independent, device-dependent, or device- and driver-dependent.

The following tables list recommended printer adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free and adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free methods for achieving the best results with post-processing applications and InDesign.

For desktop printing, use any supported PostScript printer driver. This method is the best all-round choice for applications that adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free on DSC. Some compatibility issues may exist for certain types of applications that rely heavily on DSC. Select a printer and a supported driver in the Printer menu. A device- and driver-dependent PostScript file ccc the following characteristics:. It is driver-dependent. The PostScript file will contain code generated by InDesign and by the driver.

The InDesign code is primarily responsible for the page content, including font downloading, and for setting basic device information, such as media size, resolution, and screening. The driver is primarily responsible for setting special driver features, such as watermarks, and for enabling or controlling special device features. It is device-dependent. It contains code for enabling and controlling specific device features, making it less compatible with devices other than the target device.

It can be composite or separated all of the color output methods that InDesign supports are available. A device- and driver-dependent PostScript file is ideally suited for proofing by the designer to desktop PostScript printers. It can also be used by service providers who don’t plan adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free do any prepress tasks to the job outside of InDesign or the RIP system.

A device-independent Counter strike 1.7 free full version for pc file has the following characteristics:. All device and driver dependencies are removed, so that the file will print to almost any output device. The color output is always composite CMYK, but it also includes spot colors.

A device-independent PostScript file is ideal for composite prepress workflows, where the file pdr be trapped and separated later in the production process, such as during imposition, trapping, or at the RIP if the output device supports in-RIP separations. Перейти на источник device-dependent PostScript file has the following characteristics:.

It contains a description of everything in your document, including information about linked files, optimized screen frequencies, resolution, and available media sizes tailored to the currently selected output device.

It can be composite or separated. All of the color output methods that InDesign supports are available. A device-dependent PostScript file is ideally suited to pre-separation or trapping workflows, where the file will be trapped using automatic or Adobe In-RIP Trapping features within InDesign. If you export multiple pages, each page is exported as a separate file with a number appended to the end of the filename.

For example, if you export pages 3, 6, and 12, and specify the filename News. Select Ranges and type a page range. You can type a range using a hyphen, and separate pages or pod using commas.

Specifies a level of compatibility with the interpreters in PostScript output devices. Level 2 fere often improve the printing speed and output quality of graphics printed only on a PostScript Level 2 or greater output device.

Level 3 provides the best speed and output adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free, but requires a PostScript 3 device. Specifies how color is represented in the exported file. The options below are similar to the Color settings in the Print dialog box. Leave Unchanged. Leaves each image in its original color space. Creates a separable file by representing all color values using the gamut of cyan, посмотреть больше, yellow, and black process color inks.

Converts all color values to high-quality black-and-white images. The gray levels shades of the converted objects represent the luminosity of the original objects. Represents all color values using the red, green, and blue color space. Determines the characteristics of the preview image that is indesigb in the file. The preview image is displayed in applications that cannot display EPS artwork directly. Downloads all fonts required for the document at the beginning of the print job. InDesign automatically subsets fonts that увидеть больше more than the maximum number of glyphs characters specified in the Preferences dialog box.

Includes all available high-resolution image data in the exported file and requires the most disk space. Choose this option if the file will be printed on a high-resolution output device. Includes only screen-resolution versions 72 dpi of placed bitmap sdobe in the exported file. OPI Image Replacement. Enables InDesign to replace low-resolution EPS proxies of graphics with high-resolution graphics at output time. Omit For OPI. Selectively omits imported graphics when sending image data to a printer or file, leaving only the OPI links comments for later handling by an OPI server.

Transparency Flattener. Select a flattener adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free in the Preset menu to specify how transparent objects appear in the exported file. This option is the same as the Transparency Flattener option that appears pld the Advanced area of the Print dialog box. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Buy now. User Guide Cancel. Choose the right method for creating a PostScript file. The tables use asterisks to indicate the relative suitability of each method for prepress work:.

About device- and driver-dependent PostScript files. It can be printed directly to the device, or to file. Adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free a device-independent PostScript file. It can only be printed to pddf not directly to a device or application from InDesign. View frre change existing print settings. InDesign uses the current page range when creating the PostScript file. Click Save. Specify a name and location, and click Save.

Create a device-dependent PostScript file using InDesign. All driver dependencies are removed. Choose the PPD for the final output device. In the InDesign Print dialog box, click the Setup button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Click the Layout tab, and addobe click the Advanced button. Click OK. In the InDesign Print dialog box, click Print. Export pages in EPS format. Specify a location and a filename. Be sure to include the EPS extension.

Select All Pages to export adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free pages in the document. Set additional options. Under Bleed, adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free a value between 0p0 and 36p0 to specify extra space for graphics that are positioned beyond the edge of the page or trim indesgn.

Click Export. EPS export options. When you export to EPS, you can specify the following options:. Embed Fonts. Specifies how to include fonts fre in the pages you export.

Downloads only the characters glyphs used in the document. Data Format. Specifies how much image data in placed bitmap images to include in the exported adobe pdf ppd indesign cc free.

Ink Manager. Corrects any ink options without changing the design of the document. More like this Setting up a printer Options for omitting graphics About preferences and defaults Apply a flattener preset for output Ink Manager overview. Sign in to your account. Sign in.



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