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– Reason: Productivity Boosts


Boost your Reason productivity with indispensable keyboard shortcuts that make everyday jobs quicker and easier. It doesn’t have to be like this, though. I’d suggest putting the following into practice a few at a time, while you’re working on a song. These are just about the most useful, fundamental keyboard shortcuts of the lot, and they’re all conveniently based around the numeric keypad.

The ‘stop’ shortcut has some hidden abilities: hitting it twice stops playback and takes the wiper back to your previous start position, which is very handy if you’re having to repeatedly jump back to rehearse a section or gather alternative takes.

Hit it a third time and it places the wiper at the start of your song. Also, check out how the fast forward and rewind shortcuts work. Hold either down for more than a second or two, and the playback wiper goes really zooming off, making it quick and easy to relocate just a few bars, or a hundred. But loop start and end indicators are good for general location tasks too. Turn off the loop, place the ‘L’ and ‘R’ loop start and end indicators at some important places you’re working odf in your song, and the keypad 1 and 2 keys give instant access to them with a single keystroke.

As well as microsoft outlook loading free download used for their intended purpose, as loop boundaries, Reason’s loop indicators can also act as locate points.

Shortcuts for navigating Reason’s environment can save time and keep your workspace clear and organised see table opposite top. The Maximise rack посмотреть больше actually works like a toggle, so hit it again to return to the familiar ‘split pane’ view.

If you tend to work with the rack and sequencer propellerhead reason 4 tips and tricks pdf free, the same shortcut selects the rack instead of maximising it.

OS X users might need to watch that F8 shortcut — so see the end of the ‘Record Corner’ box for more on this. The ‘Create’ shortcuts are great.

When you’ve found a patch you like, the Return key propellerhead reason 4 tips and tricks pdf free it. Shortcuts allow instruments and effects to be quickly created without the use of the mouse. For an existing device, you can do something similar. This technique is also essential when you need to create any device while overriding Reason’s usual behaviour. Say you’ve got a Redrum pattern that you want to pass through Thor’s Ladder filter.

Normally, a new instance of Thor will result in a corresponding sequencer track being created, and automatic routing of its outputs into your mixer, ready for use. But here neither is required, as Thor is simply going to be used like a glorified effects unit. So propellerhead reason 4 tips and tricks pdf free you choose ‘Thor Polysonic Synthesizer’ from the Create menu or contextual menuhold down two key modifiers Shift and Option on the Mac, Shift and Alt on Propellerhead reason 4 tips and tricks pdf free to prevent the usual automatic routing and track creation from occurring.

The ‘fold all devices’ shortcut is invaluable whenever your читать больше is starting to get unmanageable. Propellerhead reason 4 tips and tricks pdf free can then unfold just the devices you’re working with, to keep things really clear.

The rezson two shortcuts in the table do what they say on the tin, and the propellerhead adjustment resolution’ key modifier is great for really smooth, slow filter sweeps, amongst other things. There are some hidden ‘tool toggles’ too. Hold down the Command Mac or Ctrl Windows key while any tool is selected, and you’ll get its most useful counterpart.

For example, the arrow, erase and razor tools toggle with the pencil tool. The magnify and hand tools toggle with each other, allowing rapid navigation around track lanes. There’s one other gips toggle: whenever the Magnify tool is selected, holding the Option key Mac or Alt key Windows makes it zoom out rather than in. While this column is devoted to Reason, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room: Record is with us, and it’s big!

I’m hoping to include a ‘Record Corner’ every month, if propllerhead, covering news and techniques specific to that application. To kick off, and sticking with the general thrust this month, here’s the skinny on keyboard shortcuts in Record. The great news is that they’re nearly all the same as in Reason, so almost адрес страницы I’ve mentioned in this month’s column works great!

There are just a few differences and additions:. Mac owners watch out, though! Some pretty wild things can happen if you don’t! For laptop users, the sad fact is that most Reason transport shortcuts and some others are unavailable, unless you’ve got some sort of embedded keypad doing double duty with your other keys. Pxf Corner While this column is devoted to Reason, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room: Record is with us, and it’s big!

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