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Evangelion Art посетить страницу источник a mobile phone adaptation of the pachi-slot game of the same name. This Evangelion slots game is so ultra hot that it requires two exclamation points.

Based on the first two Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild movies. Puchi Eva evangeljon based on evangelion pc game spin-off series of the Neon Genesis Evangelion вот ссылка super deformed versions of the characters at school.

Select your Eva unit and battle the Перейти на страницу in this 2D side-scrolling fighting game, stylistically similar to the Super Smash Bros. Strange things are happening evzngelion Shinji Ikari is tasked to investigate and stop the mysterious murders and odd occurrences throughout Tokyo Using keywords evangelion pc game through conversation as clues, Shinji must uncover the culprits and stop them.

Secret of Evangelion is an investigative adventure game in the Shinseiki Evangelion universe. Another visual novel set in the alternate universe seen in episode evanfelion of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Take the role of Shinji and company посмотреть больше they try to prevent or cause the Third Impact.

This game follows both the original story and variations and нажмите сюда events of the World of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Taking the system first seen in Princess Maker, Gainax introduces their Evangelion twist to it.

A traditional mah-jong game starring the cast of the popular anime series. Neon Genesis Evangelion is the Nintendo 64 adaptation of evangelion pc game beloved s anime series. Despite the cartridge limitations, the game is notable for including animated scenes directly from the show. Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend, also ga,e as Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel, is a Japanese-style text-heavy adventure game, which follows the characters from the Evangelion anime in a side story that takes place roughly evangelion pc game the time of the early ‘teens episodes.

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Evangelion pc game.


The game has many possible endings, including potential careers and romantic relationships between Rei and the player, or Rei and Shinji. Notes: Released by Bandai and developed by Alfa System , this game covers the full story of the original series and The End of Evangelion film, including additional, canonical lore not featured in the show itself.

The game sees players going through “Scenarios”, separate storylines that focus on different members of the cast of the TV show, while they manage the stats of their player character through life simulation game-style mechanics and engage in conversation with other characters. The PSP version, known as Neon Genesis Evangelion 2: -another cases-, features new stories and some alterations on the gameplay.

Notes: Developed by GAINAX , this game sees players taking on the role of Misato Katsuragi to “raise” Shinji, by scheduling him for a number of different daily activities, much like the gameplay in the Ayanami Raising Project game, and the Princess Maker games that preceded it. It features three possible storylines, the first serving as an adaptation of the original show, a second restructuring the plot into a more comedic story, and the third set in an alternate universe similar to the one shown in Episode 26 of the TV series.

The game’s endings involve Shinji entering different potential futures, careers, or romantic relationships with the other characters. It inspired a manga series of the same name.

It is primarily a visual novel with dating sim elements, with the player assuming the role of Shinji while he navigates his relationships with Asuka, Rei and Kaworu. The game has no connection to the previous Girlfriend of Steel , despite the name implying it to be a sequel. Notes: A retelling of the events transpiring towards the end of the original series, seen from the point of view of NERV investigator Kenzaki Kyouya, an original character who was a friend of Kaji’s in his college days.

It also introduces dummy plug research scientist Kaga Hitomi. Notes: A Broccoli title, featuring an original story in the style of a comedic whodunit murder mystery. It also involves a variety of different gameplay elements on top of this, including beat ’em up and mecha fights.

The original characters from Shinji Ikari Raising Project reappear in this game, alongside the rest of the cast. Notes: A platform fighter produced by Broccoli , with an original story based loosely on the original series.

The game’s single player mode has five stories for each character Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Toji, Kensuke and Kaworu , providing different characters’ perspectives on the same scenes and battles in each one.

This game features a variety of simple puzzles, and is aimed at younger players. It is notable for being the first piece of Evangelion media to both feature and name Mari Illustrious Makinami, preceding her first canonical appearance, in Evangelion: 2. It continues the story of the film, loosely following the story of the original television series for the remainder of its play time.

It features similar conversation and life simulator gameplay to that of Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, as well as Evangelion mech battles made primarily from quick time events. Notes: Developed by Cellius , this was a news distribution service that allowed the user to customise a 3D model of Misato, who could then be used to read the daily news.

It required users to purchase a separate license for access to the news provided by Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun. Misato’s voice for the daily news reading was generated through a speech synthesis software by the name of Ruby Talk , created by Hitachi.

The service was discontinued on June 5, Notes: Developed by Grasshopper , this is a rhythm game that uses music from the soundtracks of Evangelion: 1. It features six different game modes, including some which portray stylised battles between angels and the UN forces, others using clips of Evangelion units fighting angels from the films, and more overlaying sound bites of characters speaking over ambient music.

The “3nd” in the title is a Japanese pun on “2nd” as in Second Impact and “sound”. The following is a list of Evangelion video games that are replications of existing Pachinko slot machines for home console devices. English titles are as provided on the game covers. The following are Evangelion games which have been released for mobile devices. Notes: Released by Media Magic, this was a card game simulator that featured characters from the Evangelion franchise. The next game would release roughly a year later, and refined the formula of the first game into something even bigger and better.

Kiyoshi Murayama best known for his work on Steam Detectives, Compiler , and Sonic Soldier Borgman took over directorial duties for these Ashi Productions-animated sequences. The plot is much higher-stakes than the first game as well. For the most part, their games stayed in Japan, but their biggest series the one that kept the company alive during their lean period before Evangelion , Princess Maker , finally started officially making its way over here a few years ago and is mostly available, in English, on Steam.

The game focuses on a new character designed exclusively for the game by original Evangelion character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto – Mana Kirishima, who is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, pulling double duty in this one by also reprising the role of Rei Ayanami. There are also endings focusing on Asuka, who finally gets to spend some quasi-romantic quality time with Shinji after Mana is brutally blown up via N2 Mine in battle, and Kaji, who gives Shinji some life advice while Mana gets to leave Tokyo-3 alive.

Parts of it feel a little strange though, mostly because Mana feels like a typical dating sim character and that sort of archetype feels incredibly out-of-place when transplanted into the Evangelion universe. The PC release of Girlfriend of Steel featured higher-resolution assets as well as arbitrary display resolution settings and an unlocked framerate not a huge deal for a game like this, but still nice to have , while the PS2 port included an extra ending in which Mana stays with Shinji and joins NERV.

Fans have produced several translation patches for the PC versions, allowing the game to be played in English, Russian, Spanish, and Italian; a Chinese patch also exists for the PSP port. There are plenty of ways around this, of course , but the easiest way to play the game is to track down the original Windows 95 version and its translation patch.

The console versions are also inexpensive on the secondary market, with the PS1 version being the least expensive. Around the time Girlfriend of Steel was released, Sega would release another Evangelion game for the Saturn, kind of. Digital Card Library is basically a collection of Evangelion -related ephemera and mini-games tied together under the guise of a trading card album. A more detailed guide to the minigames can be found at Blue Skies Daily. For the unfamiliar – Super Robot Wars is a long-running Strategy RPG series in which characters from all sorts of different mecha series cross-over and interact.

After a while, the hero’s girlfriend named Asuka confesses her feelings for the young man, drawing Kirishima into a love triangle. Players will have to deal with the feelings of the young guys, determining the hard decisions between the girls. Guy wants to maintain friendly relationships with the ladies, aware that it will take a lot of effort. Gamers will have an impact on the emotional showdown going on between the hotties in love.

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