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Mindjet MindManager Free Download. Mindjet MindManager is effective tool that has been made to update the entire work procedure and impact the entire business to procedure more viable. Mindjet MindManager has a straightforward and strip based interface that offers basic accessibility to all of these options and features.

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This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright. The software described in this guide is furnished under a software license or nondisclosure. This Document is aimed at providing information about the CA SDM Mobile Enabler and mobile capabilities that is typically not available in the product documentation. This is a living document and will. Quick Start Guide Microsoft Excel looks different from previous versions, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve.

Add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar Keep favorite commands. Running Descriptive and Correlational Analysis in Excel Tips for coding a survey Use short phrases for your data table headers to keep your worksheet neat, you can always edit the labels in tables. Microsoft Visio Business Intelligence St.

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All intellectual property rights in this publication are. Technical Certificates Overview Version 8. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Godfrey Ward 6 years ago Views:. Similar documents. Setting up Pipeliner Add-In More information. Quick Start Guide. Microsoft Access looks different from previous versions, so we created this guide to help you minimize the learning curve. Change the screen size or close a database Click the Access More information.

Callouts and Floating topics only have one Add Topic Tab, which adds a subtopic. You can hide the Quick Add tab in Options. If the central topic is selected, a main topic is created. If the central topic is selected, a main topic is created, otherwise, a subtopic is created. Top of Page Enter topic text. Page: 35 Add Content to Maps 28 When you create a topic, a placeholder topic appears, and is automatically selected.

You can add an image to set the tone for the map. You can reset the revision number on the Map Properties – Statistics tab. This information is most typically added to the central topic to indicate when the map was current. You may also insert the dates and times in topics to indicate when they were added or the date of an event.

Select the topic info is added in place of the default topic text, or at the beginning of existing text , or select a location within the topic text. Hints: Sortable formats let you use the Sort command to reorganize topics. The Task Information feature gives you more options for working with task dates for projects: Start and Due dates.

Top of Page See also:. You can also import another map as a branch within the current map. Create topics by pasting text or an image Import content from another map Create a topic by pasting text or an image You can cut or copy text or an image, then paste it into your map in Map View to create a new topic. The text or image can come from MindManager or from another application.

If the pasted text contains paragraph breaks, a separate topic will be created from each paragraph. In Map View only. Paste Unformatted Text pastes text without formatting – the default formatting is used. Paste Bitmap creates a new topic with an image.

Paste Hyperlink pastes the text as a hyperlink on the selected topic. The text should be a valid URL, email address, or document link. Paste Notes pastes the text as a note on the current topic, retaining the formatting of the original. Paste as Callout creates a callout on the selected topic.

Paste as Next topic creates a new sibling topic below the selected topic. To see more formats, click Paste Special. The formats available will depend on what you have cut or copied. The text formatting is retained when you use the Paste command, unless you paste Unformatted text.

The pasted topic will then use the default topic formatting. To automatically use MindManager’s default formatting for all text pasted from other applications, clear the option to use formatting from the original. Top of Page Import a map as topics You can import an existing map as a set of topics for the current map. The imported map’s central topic will become a subtopic of the currently selected topic. Choose the map you want to import.

If you only want to import part of a map, you can open it and copy the topics, then paste them into the current map, or simply import the whole map and delete the unwanted topics. When you’ve finished the brainstorming session you can drag the results in the map to structure your ideas.

You can use an Analysis View as a complement to brainstorming to rate and categorize your topics. The Brainstorm tool does not work if you have read-only permission for a map.

Check with the map’s owner or your system administrator to change a map’s permissions. If you want to limit your session to a certain amount of time use the Timer tool to set a countdown clock before you begin that will alert you when the time is up. You can also use the components of the brainstorming tool independently at any time. Start a Brainstorm session 1. Begin a new map, and enter the name of the problem or issue you want to resolve as the central topic.

On the Advanced tab, click Brainstorm. The Brainstorm task pane opens. Step 1: Define Challenges Define a set of challenges that are added to the map as main topics. Each challenge you choose is added to the map. Use the tabs in the dialog that appears to switch between Custom and Predefined challenge entry. Click the card to flip it. When you close this window, the cards move back to the pane. Each time you start MindManager it uses default decks.

Click below the card to mark it as a favorite. Once you have marked your favorites in the deck, click or to move through the favorite cards. Use Brainstorm functions independently You can use the Brainstorm functions independently to help you generate the types of topics you want.

Their purpose is to save time re-entering frequently-used or common information sets such as days of the week, actions, standard meeting agendas etc. You can create your own Map Parts from frequently-used topics. Static Map Parts are displayed in the top-level Map Parts folder. They have the ability to integrate data retrieved from desktop programs, application databases, search engines and online news organizations into a map by using XML, XSL and Web Services technologies.

In the Map Parts task pane, navigate to the Map Parts folder you want to use. To see the Map Parts as a set of thumbnails, right-click the list background and select Thumbnails View. In the lower pane, click the Map Part that you want to add and drag it onto the map.

Use the visual cue to drop the part as a main topic, subtopic or floating topic. Map parts in the top-level folder are static, and they become normal map topics and subtopics once they are added to the map. You can use these just as you would use topics that you added from scratch. Adding a Smart Map Part or Web Services Map Part activates its link if you have an active Internet connection , and the Map Part will automatically be populated with information from the data source.

Some Map Parts require you to enter information. For example, if you add the Amazon Search Map Part, a dialog displays so you can enter the search details. If you cancel the action, the dialog closes and the Map Part is removed from the map. You can modify the topics added as a Map Part. You can also modify existing Map Parts. Create a Static Map Part 1. Select the topic s that you want to save as Map Parts.

You can select multiple topics to save. Each topic along with its attached subtopics and callouts will be saved as a separate Map Part.

Page: 42 MindManager User Guide 35 3. In the top section of the Map Parts task pane, navigate to the Map Parts folder where you want to add the new part. To create a new subfolder, right-click a folder and then click New Folder. The new Map Part s will appear in the preview pane.

Modify a Static Map Part In the Map Parts task pane, click on the arrow to the right of the part to show a menu of commands to modify, copy, duplicate, delete and rename the part. To change the content of the part, click Modify. The Map Part opens so you can edit its content. The Map Part is automatically saved in the proper location on your system. Close the Map Part. You can modify Smart Map Parts using commands to modify, copy, duplicate, delete and rename the part.

To see the latest content for the part, you can refresh it. Once you have added a Map Part to your map you can see options for viewing and updating its information in its context menu. Right-click on the part to see these options. The particular options available will depend on the Map Part’s function.

File Explorer These Map Parts create links to files and subfolders within a particular folder on your system. Select an existing topic or create a new topic to act as a root topic for the Map Part. Page: 43 Add Content to Maps 36 3. The Map Parts are displayed in the bottom pane: All Files and Folders creates links to all files and subfolders under the target folder.

All Files creates links to all files within the target folder. All Folders creates links to all subfolders under the target folder. Drag the Map Part onto the map or just click on the part to add it as a subtopic of the currently- selected topic. Select the folder that you want the map part to link to, then click OK.

After a short pause, the Map Part will be populated with links to the files or folders on your system. The links will be updated reflecting any files or folders added or removed only when the Map Part is refreshed. The Map Index task pane Elements list Business Topics group displays all the topics on your map that contain File Explorer map part queries and their results. This allows you to add data to your map and edit it using either application. See Work with Microsoft Excel for more information.

News Feeds You can create your own news feed Map Parts to give you the latest headlines from a specific source. The content is updated each time the Map Part is refreshed. Many popular news sites such as CNet and Yahoo provide RSS feeds free of charge for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for personal, non-commercial uses. Additionally, independent news aggregator sites like Syndic8 list targets for thousands of RSS feeds from a wide variety of sources.

In the Map Parts task pane right-click on the Map Parts folder. Page: 44 MindManager User Guide 37 3. Click Add new News Feed to Library. Enter the URL of the feed source. You can obtain the URL by copying it from the site you want to link to. In some cases you’ll see a button for the feed. Right-click in the URL box and click Paste.

Click OK. In the Map Parts task pane, drag the new Map Part to the folder where you want to add this part. Right-click and then click New Folder if you want to create a new folder. Some news feeds may not have an associated image, so they show up without a label in the Library. You can add your own text label to the part by doing the following: Click the arrow next to the Map Part, and then click Modify. The Map Part appears in its own window. Add text as you would to any topic.

Then, click Save and Close in the upper-right of the window. The search results are returned as subtopics of the Map Part topic. Each result contains an item summary as a topic note and a link to the item. These allow you use a map to aggregate and like to items from SharePoint sites. See Work with SharePoint for more information. If you attach a Web Services part to an existing topic, the topic’s text is automatically used as the search term.

You can change this when you are prompted for the search parameters.. Add a Web Services Map Part to your map 1. In the Map Parts pane, click the Web Services folder.

Page: 45 Add Content to Maps 38 3. In the Map Parts pane, click the part to add it to the selected topic, or drag it to a topic on your map. You will be prompted for search parameters. After a short pause, the Web Services part appears on your map, populated with the search results.

You can point to the Notes icon to see a description of each found item, or click its link to go to its web page If some time has elapsed since your initial search you can refresh the Web Services topic to see the latest available results.

Change the search parameters You can update the search parameters for a Web Services topic that you’ve already added to the map. The new search results will replace the current results. On the Web Services topic right-click its icon. Click the search name for example “Amazon Search” and enter the new parameters in the dialog.

The Web Services topic updates automatically with the new results. To change only the “Look for” term, just change the Web Services topic’s text. The search results update automatically. Edit Web Services topic results You can add your own subtopics to the Web Services topic or to the search results, and you can also edit the results topics to include your own text.

Your additions will be retained when the Web Services topic is refreshed, unless the result topic you modified is removed on refresh.



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