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A ToLiss Followers 2. Works with the Latest Selcal. All aircraft are painted as they are in September If you notice one is repainted or has been retired, please let me know so I can adjust the pack. Known issues: The repaints are missing reflective tape aft of the right wing.

If you find a bug or a detail that is off or wrong, please write a comment so I know to fix it. If you like my work please consider buying me a coffee. I’ve included design details and reference material below. This is a further adaption of my A livery for Virgin Australia details below. Both engines are painted, with IAE being the default option.

Tagged with: toliss toliss a a airbus virgin fictional livery fictional livery virgin australia australia airbus a Arknights is a mobile gacha game developed by Hypergryph and published by Yostar. Refer to Yostar credits for individual author.

All aircraft are painted as they are in October This pack includes custom PBR normals. If you would like the rest of the Air Canada A fleet: If you find a bug or a detail that is off or wrong, please write a comment so I know to fix it. This livery is based on a real life A Captain Joe is a famous Youtube pilot. Thank you so much to ComSimPilot for letting us modify his Easyjet livery. Download the folder and unzip. Discord: Here is our official Discord Server!

Patreon: Here is our official patreon profile! We hope you guys enjoy! Tagged with: toliss a easyjet easyjoe captainjoe livery liveries toliss It was a private livery but because Sunday it is the 72nd birthday of the NHS we have decided to release it to everyone. Installation: 1. Tagged with: toliss nhs a livery liveries. Tagged with: toliss toliss a easyjet neo leap engines leap 1a engine mod livery liveries.

Tagged with: toliss toliss leap engines leap 1a engine mod livery liveries a If you have a favourite Air Canada A registration that you would like painted, drop me a message and I’ll be happy to make it for you. The seven different liveries in the same order as the screenshots are: NN- Delivered to American in American Airline’s first ever Airbus A Fitted with CFM engines and Sharklets.

Was acquired by American in Fitted with CFM engines and wingtip fences. Was acquired by American in as part of the merger. Was acquired in by American as part of the merger. Was then acquired by US Airways in as part of the merger. Finally in , it was acquired by American as part of their merger. Fitted with IAE engines and wingtip fences. In , American acquired the plane as the merger. Just a couple months later, it was acquired by US Airways as part of the merger.

In , it was acquired by American as part of their merger. For more information on how to install the IAE mod, click here. Finally, I would like to thank 19adam99 for providing me with some insider information about all of these liveries.

Without his help, I would not have been able to get many of details of these liveries correct. I hope you all enjoy these liveries! If there is anything wrong with them, feel free to let me know in the comments, and I will fix it ASAP. Tagged with: american airlines toliss livery pack. This plane, when it was operated by US Airways, was painted in a special America West heritage livery.


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